Merging Business Intelligence and Innovation across Retail & CPG

My mission is to lead business innovation and transformation of products and services through automating and digitizing operations.
Delivering maximum results and productivity requires a tactful approach in pursuing an innovation strategy to speed business growth and optimize efficiency. I have a strong sense of prioritization and structured mindset, utilizing the right resource with the best costs to deliver large-scale digital projects on time, improving bottom-line margins. 
I’ve dedicated my 20+ year career implementing and scaling innovative data-driven business solutions to exceed sales and revenue targets for multinational corporations. Enterprise digital transformation propels me towards meeting my goal at a furious speed producing optimal solutions, merging tech, and business intelligence. In my current role as AB Inbev’s Innovation lead, I spearhead the innovation strategy and portfolio of technology initiatives to develop internal capabilities for business and go-to-market validation.
 I travel to global destinations at least once or twice a year to open my horizons. At home, I love spending time with my daughters, learning from them through playing together. I also indulge in my wife’s famous chocolate cake every chance I get while spending time together watching our favorite TV shows.

Professional Experience

2020 - Present
Global Vice President - Innovation, AB InBev
Spearhead ABI’s innovation strategy and portfolio of technology initiatives to develop internal capabilities for business and go-to-market validation. Lead conceptualization, development and commercialization of innovative products with entrepreneurial mindset; managing 2 Director-level direct reports and leading cross-functional teams of 10 employees in Tel-Aviv and Mount View corporate innovation labs.
2019 - Present
Chief Technology Officer, Z-Tech, an AB InBev Company

Lead technology strategy and core products for marketplace and fintech, due diligence processes and M&A integrations for Latin America, Central America, Europe and APAC, managing 9 direct reports, 50 indirect team members and a budget of $50M.

2018 - 2019
Global Senior Director, AB InBev
Partnered with Tech Sales to implement global framework for improved cost to serve for main markets; program impacted $23B in net revenue.
2016 - 2017
LATAM Director – Advanced Analytics & Innovation, Cervejaria Ambev
Introduced utilization of Advanced Analytics and machine learning, promoting innovation through hackathons and events to address business problems; managed 70 team members (direct and indirect) with $30M USD budget.
2014 - 2016
LAN Director – Demand IT Sales & Marketing, Cervejaria Ambev
Oversaw Sales department systems, market demands, CRM tools and web strategy, a B2B and B2C portfolio now responsible for more than $2B USD in net revenue.
2013 - 2014
LAN Head - Technology Innovation, Cervejaria Ambev

Managed system roadmap and innovation for Trade Marketing, Sales and Logistics, overseeing 4 team members.

2012 - 2013
Global Director, Tech Sales, Cervejaria Ambev
Led governance in Global Template Isell System while managing 3 people and $10M revenue, maintaining standard process to support all global zones and defining system roadmap for China, Russia and Brazil.



Working with Luiz Gondim in my role as Global Account Manager was fundamental for the success of multiple Global projects with Salesforce at ABI. Gondim has the talent to link the company strategy with the technological possibilities of a Global Cloud Platform. (eg. He understands the power of AI recommendations to increase customer intimacy and how to scale it across +5.000 users). Also a great asset is his open mind, global thinking and understanding cultural differences. With that he was able to find the right balance to build bridges between all the different internal and external stakeholders.
Kristof De Bock

Luis Gondim is one of those guys that make it happen, a dedicated professional, open for ideas and with a special talent to have a strategic view and the leader hability to have tactical tasks done. Besides a passionate professional he is a great father. Success and Gondim walk together!

Arthur Mazzini

I had the opportunity to work with Gondim for several years in many different roles. He's the kind of a leader that challenge your status quo not only by pushing you hard, but showing you how to do it. It's inspiring how he can get himself into new knowledge by truly study it, and this was key to great decisions. During the time we worked together, it's clear he have one of the most important skill of a senior leader, he truly listen, even in the most difficult scenarios. With his an important openness mindset I had the opportunity to watch him found a Technology Innovation group and an Advanced Analytics group in the biggest beer company in the world. I'll be glad to work with Gondim again. 

Bruno Gurgel Gomes
Gondim foi um gestor sempre muito justo. Estavamos enfrantando um momento difícil na Cia e o mesmo soube gerenciar bem os lideres da equipe. Uma das pessoas mais inteligentes que já conheci. E que sempre se esforçou bastante para dá oportunidade aqueles que se destacava. Aprendi muito com ele durante 2 anos que trabalhamos juntos.
Vanessa Figueiredo Ferreira
Elfa Medicamentos


Curtindo a vida por ai, com as filhas e Dra. sempre na bagagem!!! Claro, amigos sempre bem vindos!!!

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