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I see change as a source of growth and creativity. Innovation is an opportunity to bring what I know–corporate leadership and how to grow an organization–through impactful and strategic IT transformation.

As the VP, CIO, and head of technology pharma at Johnson & Johnson, I am accountable for leading an organization by integrating business intelligence into healthcare delivery and overseeing project execution and managing an innovation pipeline to conceptualize, evaluate and develop solutions across 22 countries in the LATAM market. I regularly collaborate with regional and local business teams to enable the business with data-driven decisions, automating processes, and accelerating with AI as needed. From data strategy to building premier integrated patient services programs across brands and geographies, my work includes partnering with business Centers of Excellence to level up all operations with best-in-class tools and processes.

Preceding my tenure, I served as the chief technology officer for Z-Tech, the technology hub of Anheuser-Busch, shaping the culture of innovation, launching disruptive ideas, and delivering impactful business value. We delivered data-driven solutions to small- and medium-sized businesses with novel fintech solutions, driving product adoption and transformation for emerging markets, including LATAM, APAC, and Africa. Beer Garage, a global innovation hub based out of AB InBev’s GCC, was awarded ‘Great Place to Innovate’ by Zinnov Awards 2021 for shaping the culture of open innovation, launching disruptive ideas, and delivering impactful business value for the global market.

Driven by learning and innovation, my values and beliefs are deeply rooted in lifelong learning. Finding my truths and expanding them to a new horizon is a neverending process and constantly evolves with new skills and knowledge that are acquired, changed, and developed. I believe this is a good measure of how much impact and influence I have in my quest to understand the world around me, pushing myself and those around me to challenge the status quo.

My guiding principle as an industry leader is to always lead by example—creating space for others by acting with empathy, kindness, transparency, and without ego—to inspire learning and growth. I practice all this in my daily work and at home with my family. This fosters a sense of inclusion and belonging that creates a safe space for coaching, feedback, and growth. Diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) profoundly transformed my approach. 

My grandmother instilled the values of integrity and hard work, the importance of treating everyone with respect, understanding that there is always something you can learn from someone, and that each experience has its important value. This has led to developing a growth mindset and resilience from an early age, and this value carries over into my leadership style.

Born and raised in Sao Paulo, I have lived in 7 different countries, which has helped me recognize that different cultures have unique behaviors that identify what we all have in common. In any culture, getting to know your team is essential to creating a safe space where everyone can learn, develop and grow. 

I am married to my wonderful wife and partner and a proud father to three amazingly beautiful girls. As an avid reader with a keen interest in competitive sports, I am passionate about spending time outdoors at every chance I get.

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