3 Game Changing Focus for 2023

After nearly 5 years leading the innovation strategy and a portfolio of high-impact initiatives as Global CTO at AB InBev’s Beer Garage Innovation Hub & Z-Tech, I’m excited to formally announce my new path since June 2022 with Johnson & Johnson as VP & CIO, Head of Technology Pharma for LATAM.

With an incredible LATAM-based team, we’re already leveraging cutting edge tech and IT-business integration to support our bold, audacious goals. We spent the last few months of 2022 with people, global IT and collaboration as points of focus while I co-led the region’s digital transformation.

Together, we’re working to simplify our product roadmap while focusing on how to positively impact more patients.

As we begin 2023, we’ve set a focus on three key areas that I feel confident will continue our double-digit growth from 2022 and serve J&J’s patients and customers:

Simplification: With so many pressing healthcare needs, we need to efficiently prioritize what to do and identify the right resources. This equates to increased simplification across resource and budget management, people and project management, allowing our organization to respond with agility and speed.

By building alignment across teams and standardizing everything from processes to team performance, our streamlined approach will help us work together towards common goals.

Integration: To tackle big challenges, we need equally large collaboration. That means leveraging what already exists while localizing needs, even down to specific regions and products, ensuring our systems and processes work together as efficiently and effectively as possible.

Collaborating with IT and HR, we’ll ensure that our advancements are responsive and cohesive across product development, order fulfillment, service and administrative backup. To do this, we’ll institute more internal transparency and break down silos wherever possible.

Innovation: While focusing on our core business, we will think beyond doing what we’ve always done. Focusing on products, processes, governance, talent management, vendors and digital transformation will support our vision of innovation, bringing solutions to the unique needs of the LATAM region.

Drawing upon the success stories, leadership lessons and transformational innovations based on my journey, I will continue introducing meaningful changes I know work culturally, technically and financially that can be tested and applied to impact business results while positively impacting internal and external customers.

If the COVID-19 pandemic has taught us anything about healthcare and pharmaceuticals, it’s that innovation is critical for addressing threats to our health and longevity. In this role, I reflect upon what we’ve learned about rapid innovation and disruption in recent years, building off of a considerable legacy of forward thought at Johnson & Johnson.

In the coming weeks, watch for thought pieces that expand upon simplification, integration and innovation in detail, giving you insights into how your team can lead meaningful innovation while staying true to your company’s culture, budgets and values. 

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